funny turken! lol My horse likes her!

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    Nov 25, 2009
    I had 7 silkies in with my red turken. It was hatched on March 29. Well........someone bought just my silkies and my turken is all a lone now [​IMG] I let it out to free range for most of the day now. Every time I let it out, it follows me everywhere! I guess no that is is lonely, it just wants to follow me. I am luvin it though! Im trying to get a rir the same age and I will put them together. It needs a little friend! I hurry up and ran in the house so it wouldnt follow me there! I went back to check on it a few minutes later and it already made a new friend. My 2 month old foal! My horse sniffs her and the chicken just freezes up like "dont you step any closer!" Its hilarious to see them together. I put the turken on my mare's back and the turken just took a little ride on her. The horse just continued eating grass not even worried about the chicken!
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    Awwww! Poor little turken! Definitely needs a little chicken buddy. I'm glad your horses are being nice to her, though.

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    lol that is so funny

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