Funny young hen behavior question?


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Sep 28, 2012
Saluda VA
We have a Buff Cochen who is very sweet and curious. She follows me around and has not learned to let me pick her up. Ok so here is the odd behavior. I will call her name and say "Let me pick you up" She squats, flattens her tail, and sticks her wings out a little bit. I simply place my hand under her breast and scoop her up. What is the deal with the squatting because it dosnt help me pick her up. We have another hen who when I say "let me pick you up" just stands there and lets me scoop her up. I pick them up by cupping their breast and then putting my other hand under their feet.
That is what a hen does when they want a roo to top them.She is simply letting you know it is ok to top her
Huh ok . Well what would make her think I am dominant? I only feed them and keep things clean. Sorry if that is a newb question.
That is not just a newbie question and please feel free to ask any question you have if you don't understand what is going on with your chickens. They begin to "squat" when they are at point of laying. Cochins are very sweet and very curious. I have Cochin/Silver Laced Wyandotte cross that is huge. She is 27 weeks old and still appears to be growing - I'm not sure that is possible. She follows me around and will grab the hem of my pants or skirt if I don't pay attention to her immediately. Good luck with your girls. And

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