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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Oct 15, 2010.

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    Good thing it looks normal, so we know moms disability is probably not genetic. At least we are now using eggs that were layed 2 weeks after the first one. They are usually better quality. Next round, after her molt, ditch the first week to make sure we don't have problems. The other eggs should be zipping soon. Leave the duckling in the incubator. It's calls will help stimulate the other to hatch. Ducklings can go for 3 days without anything, so don't sweat it.
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    Welcome to the world little duckling!

    I have a question, is that mesh metal? Does it get hot to the touch? I've always wondered about it since I've seen photos of other people's brooders and they look like they have metal, too.
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    Hooray! I've been watching all your threads, quietly. It's been busy around here. I'm so excited for you!
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    I'm suspecting Egg #19 will be born sometime tomorrow, I hope, it's been quiet, but 14 certainly was in a hurry to get out and see the world! It's all blusish fawn color, kind of like daddy, but will truly see it's colors once it dries off. Eggs 13, 16, 18, haven't externally pipped yet, all has been quiet. Daddy duck is in here and got to hear his duckling making it's 1st peeps outside in the world. But yes, I will not remove it from the incubator yet. Now another new waiting game, taking it out and letting it imprint on me! [​IMG] I hate the waiting game! But so far, a good thing came to me! And I waited patiently and sat on my hands [​IMG]

    Now lets all root for the next 4, especially for LUCKY DUCK 13 [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    #19 is beginning to zip!! It's a busy night here! The baby is chirping away very alert went to it's broken egg and started to nibble on the stuff inside it, snuggled up to the one zipping now. My boys want to stay up and watch 19 hatch, but who knows when that will happen, I'm sure within the next few hours. The other 3, 13 was active and chirping this morning, but has been quiet. 16 & 19 nothing!! No signs or chirps no rocking, so who knows what will come of those two. I just want us all to root for Lucky 13 now and hope that it will pip tonight. If it's a girl, and she does hatch, we're going to probably name her hope, because we have had "Hope" that she would make it out. If it's a boy, we'll probably keep the name Lucky 13, [​IMG]
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    Baby 14 is really encouraging egg 16 to zip faster, is it ok that it's knocking into the other eggs, especially the one zipping? It's rolling them around.
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    BABY DUCKLING #19 Arrived at 12:56am 10/16/2010 my oldest son and I watched the entire thing!! Looks like it's momma! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUCKLING 19!![​IMG] [​IMG] (Siblings)

    Both are healthy, active, and normally structured! No signs that I can see of any birth defects that momma may have passed down.

    Hoping for activity for the other 3 tomorrow, but at this point nothing is, but it's technically just going on day 27 Saturda. Lets hope Lucky 13 for my youngest son will show pipping tomorrow and the other 2 as well. [​IMG] Hopefully if the 3 are all alive they will be stimulated and knocked around by their siblings to get motivated to get going. I'm so glad I went into lock down yesterday rather then wait today!
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    [​IMG] CONGRATS. About time they started to hatch. Feels like it took forever.
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    Congratulaions on the babies. It must feel wonderful for you and the boys to have some hatching happening finally. Very cute bubs..

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