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    Catchy Title, but I promise not misleading.
    Besides, I got your attention [​IMG] and now since you're here maybe you can help with my question...

    So my question is about the future/fate of my turkeys(thus, the subject title).

    I have 3 turkeys, 6 chickens, and 1 Rooster.

    They all are a flock and for the most part get along fine, and yes they do free range.

    So with my turkeys I have (1) 8 1/2 month old Holland hen (the biggest), (1) 6 1/2 month old bronze, that I do believe will be a tom,
    and (1) 4month old bourbon red tom (the smallest)

    This morning I noticed the bronze and Bourbon strutting their feathers and letting their feathers stick up, kind of squaring off. It looked like the bronze had its right wing kind of pointed down and they were almost going in a circular motion. Then they would kind of jump up at each other it all looked harmless and after a quick minute they were back sitting next to each other, content.

    So since it looks like the bronze and Bourbon are toms, are they going to be able to be raised and live together in the near future?
    As they get older and adults, will they have to be separated like you have to do rooster?
    I got all three turkeys from 3 different people, but they weren't chicks together or anything.
    I have had the most recent one the Bourbon for about a month and a half.

    Please guys let me know what you think.
    I appreciate it.

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    I don't separate roosters or toms. They develop a pecking order and all quiets down. My turkey flock has 4 toms and 6 hens, the toms did a bit of fighting last spring. Amazingly enough, nobody really got hurt and the fighting stopped. Not sure how many roos I have in the chicken flock, but they co-exist pretty peacefully. Mine aren't free range, so if they do fight, the one losing can't get away but it still works out.
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