FYI: Anything crossed with a Silkie WILL go broody!

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    Ok so a month ago my pretty little Silkie mix went broody and after a week I finally broke down and got her some eggs to hatch. She is on a barnyard mix of both Bantam and LF. Now for around a week my Brabanter/Silkie mix has been off and on the nest, protective of her eggs, etc. Well... It's official, she too is broody! I have the first broody in a small dog crate on her eggs because they all use one nest to lay even though they had three to choose from and I got tired of disturbing her. Well now the other girl is in the only other place for the other hens and it is hysterical watching the antics! She is continually screeching at them and they just want to leave her an egg an go! The only other broody I ever had was many years ago so I am having some fun watching this show. My other is due to hatch two on the 22nd and 4 on Easter day. I hope they all hatch as I have not candled any of them. I would rent them out as Brooders but they are so small they can't handle many eggs [​IMG] I'm pushing it with the six I have under Fiona.
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    Don't forget the pictures [​IMG]
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