FYI MMH Red Sex-links vs. Black Sex-links, a comparison.

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    Ok, since people are always wondering about chickens and how good they are in comparison to another, I thought since I have both these breeds side by side I'd let you know what I've found out.

    These birds are from Murray McMurray Hatchery since that might make a difference in others comparisons.

    I went to the feed store to buy all red sex-links because I knew they were high producers and I was turning my brooder coop into a high productions egg coop. However when I went there they only had 11 left and I wanted 20. So, I took 9 Black Sex-links to fill my 20. I had hear they were egg machines, they started to lay early and laid large to ex-large eggs so I thought I'd do ok.

    Well, the Reds all started laying first, they lay a dark brown egg, they start laying early and their eggs get up to size (large to extra large) very quickly. They seem to lay everyday and early in the morning. I'd say they are on a 24 hour cycle. This is also true of my older Reds. I have 5 older Reds and they are 1 year old. They lay everyday still and ex-large eggs.

    The blacks started laying just a little later, but not much. their eggs are light brown, they don't seem to be as consistant as the reds but almost. However, it takes a long time to get their eggs to size. I'm totally overloaded with little tiny light brown eggs but I've been selling large to Ex-large dark brown eggs for weeks now.

    Hope this helps somebody.

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