GA - 3 cockerels for sale - 5$ per D´Uccle cockerels


Oct 26, 2020
Can be sold separately.

I am located outside of atlanta.
I will drive up to an hour.

3 cockerels~

1 is a full exchequer Serama. He is SQ and 7-8 weeks old. He is very tiny.
His name is Wagashi. His parents and grandparents are SQ and the grandparents show very well. 26$.

1 is a full D´Uccle. 1/3 silver mille fleur 1/3 mottled and 1/3 mille fleur.
7-8 weeks old and has very nice boots. His name is Sudachi.

1 is a full D´Uccle. 2/3 mille fleur 1/3 silver mille fleur. 7-8 weeks old and is very pretty. His name is Mochi.

Very friendly, healthy, and hand-raised. They are 5$ each. No checks. Paypal and cash only.

Only to a home where they will be not cramped in cages or eaten.

If you have any questions email me at: [email protected].

I have pictures of parents and grandparents by request.

Thank you!
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