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    I was given this beautiful mink coat which is full length (below the knee - not floor length) and would fit a small to medium build person. I'll be glad to take measurements - guess it would fit a size 8 to 12...This gift has been only worn about 10 times as I full time farm

    The fur and the lining are in excellent condition and would make a wonderful warm coat and a fabulous gift for another or for yourself. The coat originally came from a very upscale consignment shop in Atlanta and I really don't get a chance to wear it as a farmer's wife here in the country. I'm certain that this coat is worth at least 3 to 4 times the starting price but BYC and all the friends here have been super to me and I want to list here before I list anywhere else. Besides the dollars will go to feed and shelter for my birds and my feed supplier would appreciate $!

    Non smoking home for the coat.


    Price doesn't include shipping or insurance. (That would be extra in addition to the purchase price of the coat and will be based on where you want shipped and what kind of carrier - USPS, UPS, etc.)

    Payable by paypal or USPS money order.

    More photos are available if you need them.

    Please post any questions you might have!

    Please send me any questions as there are no returns on this item. Thanks and have a blessed day! Happy Thanksgiving Time! Nancy
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    Bargain.. i LOVE the coat! its very vintage pretty. [​IMG]
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    Bargain.. i LOVE the coat! its very vintage pretty. [​IMG]

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    Seriously, that is gorgeous, wish it was my size. I dont understand some people,[​IMG] If you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all...
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    One post was removed for content. Carry on. Sorry, Nancy, for the interruption. Best of luck selling your coat!
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    I don't have a problem with vintage fur... [​IMG] those were different times. And after all... now its recycling! Its having a long life... and I hope someone finds it who will love it and respect it.

    I, like you, though am a 'hands in the mud' working hard girl. I don't get my nails done... and going out doesn't include anywhere with a dress code! But its LOVELY!
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