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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by GAchick30017, May 29, 2018.

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    May 29, 2018
    Hi Everyone!

    We recently moved to Gwinnett County (less than two months ago) and we chose this county specifically because we were moving with our flock but now someone has complained on us about our chickens... We don't live in a neighborhood so there is no HOA rules or anything that we broke but now we are worried if we missed something crucial in all our times researching this county. I saw someone post two years ago that chickens aren't allowed to free-range, 6 chickens max, run must be 10 feet, etc, but I can't find any of that information anywhere else.

    When I google the County Ordinance regarding chickens all I'm getting is -

    Livestock Definition: Cattle, horses, donkeys, mules, goats, sheep, swine and other hoofed animals; poultry, ducks, geese, pigeons, peacocks and other live fowl; and fur or hide-bearing animals; whether owned or kept for pleasure, utility or sale. The term livestock shall not include small species of pigs, cage birds or rabbits kept within a dwelling as a household pet. Zoning Requirements: Livestock and honeybees may be kept for commercial purposes or for personal pleasure or utility in the agricultural (RA-200) zoning district. Livestock may also be kept for non-commercial purposes in certain single-family residential zoning districts (R-LL, R-100 and R-75), provided the lot or parcel is at least three acres in size, is the livestock owner’s residence, and all animal quarters must be located no closer than 100 feet to any property line.

    Please help!
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    I assume you meet the standards in the ordinance you listed? I would also call the county to make sure that the listed ordinance is correct for your lot.

    It's also possible someone's calling to complain without caring whether or not you are in compliance - might just be a grouchy busybody.
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    Livestock in your county is
    "Livestock means and includes horses, cows, goats, pigs or any other hoofed animal used for pleasure or profit. Fowl and rabbits are expressly included within this definition."
    Chicken falls under "Fowl" ( Our Code Enforcer did not know that)
    Sourced from:

    Sec. 10-10, So when you talk to these people quote Sec. 10-10. It has been my experience that WE have to educate the Code Enforcers because they do not know the law in which they enforce.

    Sec. 10-172. - Limitation on ownership.

    Sec. 400-20.5 - Agricultural operations . . .

    Sec. 230-130.3 B. - . . . property line

    Your county has done a great job in giving a lot of info. There is much more to read then what I put down. When you are on the page there is a search bar at the top in the middle. Just enter "fowl" or "chicken".

    Also If there is a word you need a better understanding on, look it up in the on-line "The Black Law Dictionary" This is the dictionary for legalese which has a few different defections then common mans dictionary.

    Good Luck :)
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    A little late, but this info needs to be more visible and available! They never put the updates in the municode for whatever reason and make it difficult to find. There is a specific amendment with all of the information.

    UDOA2015-00003 (just the part you need since I'm typing it all out)
    In non-agricultural residential zoning districts: the keeping of chickens for personal pleasure or utility on a parcel which contains the dwelling of the owner is permitted, subject to the following requirements:
    a. The minimum lot size for the keeping of chickens shall be ten-thousand five-hundred (10,500) square feet.
    b. Chickens must be kept securely in an enclosed yard or 6-sided pen at all times.
    c. Minimum pen area for chickens shall be ten (10) square feet per chicken.
    d. Chickens must be housed at least twenty (20) feet from any property line, and fifty (50) feet from any residence other than the owner's.
    e. Any structure housing housing chickens must be located in the rear yard.
    f. The keeping of roosters is not allowed.
    g. The maximum number of chickens shall be as follows: Lots 10,500 square feet to 12,499 square feet: maximum of 3 chickens; lots 12,500 square feet to 24,999 square feet: maximum of 5 chickens; lots 25,000 square feet to 39,999 square feet: maximum of 8 chickens; lots of 40,000 square feet to 2.99 acres: maximum of 10 chickens; lots 3 acres or larger: no maximum.
    h. Each coop shall have at least four (4) square feet of floor space per chicken over four (4) months old.
    i. Chickens are only permitted as pets or for egg laying production; chickens cannot be kept for slaughter.
    j. Chickens must be kept under sanitary conditions and shall not be a public nuisance as defined by state law.

    Hopefully there aren't too many typos. :)

    I hope you had no problems and have your chickens! Feel free to reach out if you have any issues. Also, we fought very hard to get chickens allowed in the county and still feel they're being too restrictive with the law. Please contact your commissioner and let them know you would like more freedom with your chickens! (I personally love the minimum space per chicken, but think the max amount of chickens per property is too restrictive. I'd also love a rooster again!)
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