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    Jun 5, 2011
    Sorry I just need to rant a little! It drives me INSANE when people say NEVER to help a chick hatch! They say if they don't make it there is a reason. Yeah, sometimes that's true! About 5 weeks ago when I was hatching my first 5 eggs I had two of the chicks that pipped and both couldn't move for 8 hours! Everyone was telling me not to help it out and if it dies it dies for a reason. I decided to help both of them out just what they needed to be helped with and let them do the rest. I figured out just in one area they were shrink wrapped a bit and that's why they couldn't zip. Now I have not three, but FIVE healthy 4 week old chicks. If I didn't help them out a bit the would probably be dead. And guess what? Not for a reason, for NO reason.

    Sorry. Just had to get that out.
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    People probably gave you advice based on their own experiences.

    Glad it was a happy ending for you, but most times it is not.
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    Jun 5, 2011
    Quote:I know that. But however! If it is gonna die in the egg already then there is no harm helping it out.
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    I agree... sometimes you really do need to help. We arent chickens, and so the incubating in an incubator isnt "natural"... sometimes its OUR fault why they are having trouble hatching..(humidity.. etc..)
    So.. i always try to help as a LAST ditch effort...
    Actually, i had to help the 2 baby sebs hatch this year. They are all grown now and fine. If i didnt help them, they would have died.
    BUT... i also tried to help another one and it was VERY deformed... so.... mother nature knew what she was doing there. Once i saw how deformed it was i stopped helping and it passed very quickly.
    But yeah, sometimes you really do need to help them out of the egg. Again, ONLY as a LAST option.

    ETA: i do also agree with Terrie, most times its not a happy ending...
    but i do still try because i have saved some by helping.
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    Jun 5, 2011
    Quote:yeah! I forgot to mention that! That sometimes it is our own fault not the chicks. I agree with terrie also but yet If the chick would die anyway I don't see why it would matter to help it out...
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    I've helped several out of the eggs... all survived w/no problems.

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