GAH! Duffy!


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Nov 29, 2009
Central Mass
I've had chickens living in the yard since May, and when they were first out there, my dog wasn't going crazy so to speak, but she showed interest in them. One day she chased them all over the place and I thought I had scarred her. I yelled at her SO MUCH. It was not pretty, and I felt terrible after. Lately she has been just running THROUGH them when they are all clumped up and I say her name in a stern voice, but today, she actually TARGETED one hen, and chased her down.

What do I do?! I think it might be that she has too much energy, because she has never had a very strong prey drive. Today when I finish my homework I'm going to take her for a walk.


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Apr 15, 2009
I think you may have a future problem on your hands. Daily walks with your dog are a good idea no matter what. An exercised dog is a satisfied dog, and you will see an improvement in overall behavior just by doing this one thing. I would never leave the dog untethered with the birds again. The dog is getting familiar with the birds and the temptation to "play" with them is getting too great. You need to work with the dog and train it in some basic commands. Most importantly- you need to keep the dog and birds separate until you figure out why the dog is suddenly chasing the birds.

I have a younger dog that a handful of times gave half-hearted chase to some of my hens. I could tell he wasn't really into chasing the birds and was just doing it to get a rise out of me. It was nipped in the bud quickly. He has never done it again. It made me never able to trust that dog like I trust my older dog, though.

Good luck.


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Apr 3, 2010
Nenana, AK
Get some aggressive turkeys... They'll knock the prey drive out of any dog. I have a female Great Dane who likes to run through the birds just to see them fly but two of my tom turkeys cornered her and had her cowering to the point I had to go "rescue" her. The funny part was that they never even touched her but she has a completely different attitude towards the birds now.

Seriously though, training and exercise will go a long way to curb your dog's behavior. Good luck

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