GAH! So irritated with some people!

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    Jun 21, 2011
    So I went into this new feed store down the road and ask if they sold chicken feed.. the guy takes me back into the warehouse and asks what the feed is for.. I tell him 4 day old Bantam chicks... So then he asks "are they going to be layers" well being Bantams, No! I just need chick starter.. So then he takes me to this one feed bag pile and says "they recommend this for this and this and that and TURKEYS"... it was BROILER FEED!! Im like "this is for meat birds... my birds are bantams that will fit in the palm of your hand..." and again he asks "are they going to be used for layers?"
    [​IMG] [​IMG] ...
    Just seemed like no matter how many ways I tried to put it, he just couldnt grasp that my birds were not meat birds or layers and they only thing I needed was Chick starter... on the way out I passed 3 bags of Chick Starter [​IMG]
    at this point I was just too frustraited and left... [​IMG]
    Thank god for TSC!!
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    Quote:[​IMG] There is this one feed store that i will never go to again. they only hire high school kids which i wouldnt have any problem with except that when i have a question they never know the answer and i usually get ignored so they can to their homework or gossip or whatever.

    educated people at a feed store is a MUST for people like me!
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    That's why I love my TSC! I hate people who don't know how to do their jobs. I understand that they can't be a genius in all species but some basic knowledge of the difference between CHick Starter and Layer feed is kind of a no brainer. He just has to read the package.
    At my local TSC, most of them don't know much about chickens except where to find everything, which is fine, but they have one employee who actually owns chickens and knows what he's talking about and I'm so glad when I walk in there and find out he's working [​IMG]
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    Jun 21, 2011
    Quote:Thats the same with our TSC.. there are a few high schoolers who dont know the head of the chicken from it's butt, then there are actually a hand full of guys who know what their talking about! The guy who put my first bantams in the box and said my little white one was going to be a roo (and he was) actually wants to see pictures of them when I come in! the other guy is just annoying and acts like he's better then you but he knows the basics!

    Quote:for the most part im pretty good on my own but its lovely not to have to pull your hair out trying to explain to someone what is what lol
    an yeah, Those type of places make me sick to my stomach! If your going to hire someone, they should have a background in what their being hired for!

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