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Gah! You want something done right . ..

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Whisper, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Whisper

    Whisper In the Brooder

    Oct 2, 2009
    Do it yourself, right? Blahhh!

    I sold off a bunch of roosters last week. I had my two older sons pack them up. I was VERY specific about which bantams I wanted to be packed. One of them was "Marbles, the little rooster with a GRAY neck and muffs, a WHITE body, a RED comb, and BROWN spots all over his back."

    I've been sick this week, kids have been caring for the chickens. I go out today to examine the chooks . . . I see one cheerful little buff roo . . and Marbles, happily strutting along the shelf.

    Instead of the muffed Easter Egger bantam roo . . . my sons sold off my white-laced red Cornish bantam PULLET.


  2. SilverPhoenix

    SilverPhoenix Bantam Fanatic

    Dec 15, 2009
    Penn Valley, CA
    Oh no! I had a similar issue, actually, when I was younger. I was trying to find a home for a friendly rooster I had, and placed an ad in the newspaper for him. While I was out of town for the weekend, my mom got a call about the rooster and invited the guy to come pick him up. Somehow she got confused as to which chicken was the rooster, though (I'm not sure how!), and sent him off with my SLW hen, Snowtip. I was quite upset when I got home and discovered Snowtip was gone and the roo was still there, but we called the guy up and he was just fine with making the switch. [​IMG]

    Is there any way you can get your pullet back?
  3. LOL, I wouldn't have had time to post...I'd have already jumped in the vehicle and driven like a madwoman in hot pursuit, roo in the front seat, too!

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