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    So I went to candle my eggs tonight, and there were three that seemed to be quitters. All the other embryos looked bigger, and there was more veins, so I grabbed those that looked far behind in incubation (three) and was ready to cull them. I thought they were for sure dead, there has been 109 temp spikes every other day(LG), but I usualy don't worry about it, because I get really good hatch rates anyways. So I thought that it was natural that some didn't make it. Off to toss 'em I went. Then, I thought...why not open them up and see what happened? BIG MISTAKE I only craked one egg, the one that seemed like developement hardly got pass day 2. There wwas an embryo inside....[​IMG].....and the heart was still beating [​IMG]......and it was one of my precious blue hen eggs [​IMG], I only set 5 eggs from that one blue theres four...who knows how many will actually hatch, I hope at least one grows to be an adult. [​IMG]Man I wish I wouldn't have cracked that one open first [​IMG]. But at least I had enough common sense to save the other two eggs and I put them back in the bator. Oh well.....guess it's all just part of the experience. Learn something new every time I hatch [​IMG]
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    Did you throw the others out too? It seems to me that you should look at the positive side- if you hadn't cracked the one egg, you may have thrown three away for no reason rather than one:) But I am sorry to hear it was from your fav hen:( hugs to you
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    No, luckily I saved the other two. Thanks

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