GAHH I hate my neighbor

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by ShortCircuitRanch2332, May 11, 2011.

  1. ShortCircuitRanch2332

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    Mar 12, 2011
    Oak Hills
    I have used the SSS with pest animals but I wonder if it will work with neighbors?? lol
    so I have 2 green houses in association with my chickens geese ducks and so on well inside I grow all different vegetables and herbs well I get the cops beating on my door saying they need to search my house and green houses for an abundance of MARIJUANA PLANTS! so im like ok dude search the house so they find nothing and then leave well mothers day we were away and we got home there was a notice from animal control on my gate saying they need to do a well-fair check of all animals on the property so I call and they say well we are doing a routine check up and will I be there and I go no and id like to talk to the manager so hes not in and they say we will have him call you tomorrow well i never get a call so I call again and hes still not in well today the dog pound shows back up and they want to check so i let them in they look around and they proceed to tell me that I need to call code enforcement with my lot number and find out if I can have chickens and I go well im in San Bernardino county I read my laws and he goes no each lot is zoned differently so your neighbor may be able to have 50 chickens and you may only be able to have 5 what!!!! HOW IS ANY OF THIS FAIR! THAT IS DISCRIMINATION HOW CAN SOMEONE TELL ME BY MY TAX AND LOT NUMBER WHAT I CAN HAVE? THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE LAND OF THE FREE BUT ITS OBVIOUSLY ONLY FREE TO CERTAIN PEOPLE!
    thank you everyone for listening I am so stressed out I dont know how I would be able to get rid of my babies they follow me around the yard sit on my lap eat out of my hand even my turkeys I have had chickens the whole time I've lived here and so did the guy for 12 years before me im just at a loss I read my ordinances on the internet in 3 different places but now im told it goes by your lot number [​IMG]
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    Feb 8, 2010
    cops are coming around looking for pot and abused animals??

    sounds like someone is trying to drop dimes on you
  3. ShortCircuitRanch2332

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    Mar 12, 2011
    Oak Hills
    Ya my neighbor I forgot to add that part we have had nothing but problems with her she insists on walking her dig right ON the outside if my fence and I have 2 guard dogs what do you think they are gonna do protect the yard so they bark at he the whole time she o the fence after 5 days of his she gets a stick and proceeds to hit my dogs OVER the fence with it well I go out there and flip she runs in her house and calls animal control as I call the cops they come out take a report go over and talk to her tell her to stay the Heck off the fence well she's drunk like she usually is and argues all the cop tells her about 50 times not to hit my dogs and stay off the fence I paid for with my money not hers then he leaves dog pound shows up next day tell me they have a report or rabid dogs so I show them my license for my dogs explain what's going on he tells me a fence is community property even if I paid for it and that. Need to keep m dogs from baring cuz of noise ordinance what!! There guard dogs dude there doin what there supposed to well he leaves so for about 4 months it's been a battle with her trying to keep my dogs from barking then get my green houses and chickens now this idk What to do any more I'm at a loss I have talked to her and she is not there in the head AT ALL don't understand a word you say and Dinka and eats soma like freakn crazy and calls on everyone in the neighbor hood for everything
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    Jan 27, 2010
    Um, if I'm understanding everything in your block of text, I'd suggest your best defense at this point against "code enforcement" is a strong offense.

    Your animals might be qualified to be "grandfathered" in since the previous resident had them.

    I'd talk to an attorney about code enforcement in your city. Many attorneys offer a free consultation. Maybe just a strongly worded letter about your intention to vigorously defend your rights coming from a lawyer would take care of the situation.

    Otherwise, I'd get myself down to the library to get help from your reference librarian, go talk to your County Extension Service agent, and find other chicken owners in your area to figure out a strategy.

    Good luck. Sorry you have such a disagreeable neighbor to deal with, too.
  5. benjoycei

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    Mar 4, 2011
    If you and the previous owner have had chickens a long time you may have 'grandfathered' rights to keep your flock. You may need to check into it. Good luck.
  6. Blue

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    Apr 6, 2010
    There's also the possibility that the person from the pound didn't know what they were talking about. I don't see why your lot # would affect your ability to have chickens if there's nothing related to such restrictions written in the county/city ordinances.
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    The first red flag (and it's a big one) that popped up in your story was right at the beginning. Why on earth would you invite the cops in to look around wherever they want without a warrant?
  8. ShortCircuitRanch2332

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    Mar 12, 2011
    Oak Hills
    well I ha vent gotten my zoning laws back yet I called and they said they would call me back (I seen how fast that happened last time) as far as I know I have rites to have my flock but if for some reason that's changed how exactly would I find out about this grandfathering in?? what is it exactly? and im sorry about that block of text I was and am very upset at all of this
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    I hope your zoning allows you to keep your birds. [​IMG]

    It is illegal to give false information to police officers. Perhaps you should discuss this with a supervisor at the station. Calmly explain that your neighbor is utilizing them and other city/county offices to harass you. If you do not get the answers you need there then have the same conversation with an attorney.
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    Apr 15, 2011
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    Quote:i know in Seattle, zoning for chickens is based on lot size. the size of the lot decides how many birds you can have.

    Sounds like you have a nosy neighbor. If you're not planning on moving, I would look into your zoning restrictions and become well acquainted with the authorities. They answer calls from crazies all the time. Treat them respectfully and don't let your neighbor ruffle your feathers. She'll keep calling, but if you're within your rights, they will stop answering. GL

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