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    Ok!! [​IMG]
    I'm not going to spout off......!

    I have been out-voted 3 outta 4

    Arizona - Off the grid property is out! WHY?

    Too far - plain and simple.

    I have found a place near Gainesboro, Tennessee - 3.5 hours from home.
    I want to know if anyone has knowledge about Gainesboro - Pros/Cons
    Please - *I* need to know about - Tornadoes, Flooding, Crime, Earthquakes

    It's on the grid with brand new: washer & dryer, stove, refridgerator, new flooring, inside updated & new paint job - My DFiance' and two youngest children (both teens) love all of this.
    Me (I love this) - 14 acres wooded, 5 acres open, a pond inside wooded acreage.......(but not this) not one piece of this property is fenced. [​IMG]

    My DFiance' is absolutely in love with this place - we still need to take a trip down to see the property, though.......... [​IMG]
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    Nov 30, 2010
    Gainesboro is a very nice town, and there are some very nice people there. I know a few families there. My wife is from Celina, TN which is the next town north from Gainesboro. Most of the people I know from these areas are super friendly people.

    I live in Arkansas, born and grew up here. After I married I moved to Celian for a while but missed my old hame place so we moved back here. Sometimes though I wished we had not have moved back here though. But still here, we now have grandchildren so it would be hard to leave now.

    Whatever your decision I hope you are happy with it, if it should be Gainesboro I think you'll be happy there.
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    Nov 3, 2009
    Maryville, Tennessee
    Country Freedom - post this question in the Tennessee Thread. You might find someone who is close to Gainesboro and could answer your questions. We're a good bunch - but I don't even know where Gainesboro is. I'm in East Tennessee.
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    Nov 5, 2010
    cookeville, tn
    I live just outside of gainsboro. Basically no crime. The people are very friendly. It is prone to tornatoes but I live in a hollow and never worry about them. There have been 2 tornado warnings this past summer. The closest town of ant size ie walmart resturants is cookeville about 25 miles away.
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    Quote:Ha! I did - but, I thought I had posted in the wrong section, and moved it!
    That's why all you see on my one lil post is a . !

    Ok - will do so - - Thanks!

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