Galvanised versus plastic waterer?


16 Years
May 17, 2007
I have done both and am still not sure which one I prefer... what do you think? The galvanised seems to last a lot longer.... smallest I can find is 2 gallon ... was thinking that the galvanised might be better with winter not that far off and we get pretty cold, might be nice to invest in a heater for the waterer... can't do that with plastic... What do you folks who are in cold climates do? I just moved back to CO and have not had chickens here yet - am more used to dealing with the heat in SC!
I have had both and I like the metal more. the plastic docent last and they start to leak. there are ways to heat both if you want plastic. but for my obey I would definitely buy a metal waterer.
I use both, and prefer metal - It doesn't break as easily, algae doesn't grow in it and therefore it doesn't need to be cleaned regularly - Also around here (southern PA) in the winter I typically fill up just the tough part twice a day. Every watering I use warm water and pour some on the ice, the gently knock the waterer on the coop and the ice pops out. Metal holds up better for this, but plastic does better then expected too. But, metal is way more expensive. My 2 cents - best of luck
I use the plastic because I give the girls ACV in their water and I don't think you can put it in the galvanized one, which I would prefer.
I use a plastic one that plugs in in the coop durning the winter along with a plastic heated dog bowl in the run durning the winter, but durning the summer I use the galvanised ones out side in the run.
why are these the only two options. i don't want to use either. are there better, or simply different, options?
I don't use either anymore. I just use black plastic feed bowl containers that I can just flip over and dump the ice out of in winter and they're easy to clean out and fill in the summer. I think they hold 3 gallons apiece. In the pens with more birds I use small concrete mixing tubs.
I think I am going to go with a galvanised one for this winter so that I can easily heat it. We are in transition with our flock and I am planning on expanding as soon as we have a rental that is chicken friendly... we'll see what happens.

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