galvanized steel waterer


Nov 15, 2015
New Berlin, NY
My mom says this waterer is useless now because it has rust. Is it true that once this type of waterer has rust it will release lead? Or can I give it a good scrub and use it?

wouldnt bother me to use it .. as with any waterer i use i hose them out every day and change the water so any toxins or parasites wont build up ..
I used mine while rusted. Isn't rust actually iron oxide? Small quantities of iron and zinc aren't a problem, and we too rinse out the waterers at least every other day. What lead? In the solder?
'We pays our money and takes our chances.'
Every few years another plastic product is found to be toxic in some way, so using plastic waterers seems like another area that might be a problem. Maybe. Glass is a bad idea, and stainless steel waterers? Sure, where? Rubber bowls are nice, probably, but who knows there either.
There's likely no perfect choice, so I don't plan to worry about it.

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