Gambels quail

the outdoorsman44

8 Years
Jun 22, 2011
Chandler, AZ
I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get food for gambels quail in arizona.
try this for your area...

your looking for game bird startena, I feed all game birds the startena their entire life. I buy non medicated, but medicated may be all you can get in your area, this is fine too.... Really, any good game bird starter with 24+ % protein will work fine. I like purina and thay have a store locator on line. Bill
Got a bator? May be easier to buy eggs and have them shipped from anywhere in the country. Just something about hatch'n your own birds... Aint one on my place that wasnt hatched here, by me! lots of birds here too!! Bill
I bought some off of ebay and have actually had fairly good luck with hatching them. I currently have 12 in the brooder and 10 in lockdown

Keep'n Fingers crossed for ya Ayda! I have 30 more on the way here myself. From a friend\breeder in IL. Good luck with your hatch. Bill

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