Gambel's Quail


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Apr 30, 2012
Hi! Can anyone post EVERYTHING you know on how to take care and raise Gambel's Quail as your backyard poultry?


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Jun 2, 2012
I keep mine in an aviary so they can really move around. They are pretty skittish. For me, they have been pretty easy to keep and hardy (including cold hardy, as long as there's shelter). They like lettuce lol. They like to roost so being able to perch is a must. The females never go broody in captivity, at least for me they don't so I've always incubated their eggs. Incubation is about 22-23 days. They grow pretty fast and of course, can breed in their first year. The males have a cool call. They are really cool birds. Fun to watch


Apr 28, 2020
Sorry to Necropost, but I also have questions. Gambels are soooo cute!

I take it an aviary is a requirement for these guys? I'd love to keep them, but I'm guessing they are not an indoor birb, and that's what my plan is for. :(

Did I miss a thread with space requirements for each type/species? Can someone direct me?


Jul 29, 2019
Sun City, AZ
I have gambel quail. They are so adorable and fun, especially the babies!! :love

However, they do create a lot of messes, especially adult birds! One lived in the house with me until 4 months old. I covered all my furniture in blankets, sheets, or towels and cleaned the floor every evening. Now she lives on a screened in patio.

Gambels are very energetic and love to run and fly. I definitely recommend an aviary or screened in patio. They would not be happy in a small space.

They're not a good quail for meat or eggs. They are small and only lay eggs during the mating season. My girl is 11 months old now and has laid a total of 9 eggs, all in the last two weeks. She is very proud of them!!

Gambels can get very attached to you and will want you with them all the time if they consider you part of their flock. It is easier if you have at least 2. My girl was very anxious beginning of spring until she brought home a male. Now she is much more content (and quiet).

I also had 5 boys that were pretty close. They got along well and stuck together until one found a mate and the others joined a covey. But that's another story...

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