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Apr 14, 2009
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I set up the game cam last night, and set the live trap, and went home. The moon was full and some of the hens did get up and walk around while I was in their pen with a flashlight, but I do NOT think that any of the roosters (outside the pen) got off the roost while I was there. This happened about 15 minutes after I left. I have the cam set to take 3 picture sequences, hence I included the 3 pix right before:










I caught a large skunk in the trap last night, btw. lol
Sooooo do you think it was one of my roosters getting up in the night? or what? Hubby thinks it's creepy, but I think I can kinda see feathers in some of the pix,
Hawk or owl....note 2 nd set pics ..right below the pic date , see the feather, the white is a case off of the bird from the flash.
definitely looks like some kind of bird- strange how its so blown out though- you would think the camera would catch more detail. Very creepy looking, but I'm voting bird.
Weird pics for sure, but I see a feather too. Do you think you may have set the camera too close to the pen? I would imagine anything it takes a shot of will have that glare. Back the camera up some, I would say. JMHO
I vote bird. The way the "legs" are hanging in the pics...that is similar to the feathering on a hawks leg as they swoop down. An owl I would think might be bigger. Judging size with your wire behind it as the scale, it takes up right at 13 or 14 holes of the wire height wise. If that's 1 inch holes in the wire, the thing is likely around 13 to 14 inches tall which would fit a hawk or small owls body size. So, that is what I think. Just a bird. Very cool pics though.

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