Game Cameras--what brand?

The 2 we have are pretty simple. Put in the batteries and the memory card. Set the date, hide it and your in business.

If you want one to take pictures in the dark, but not have the person know that is a $500 camera. I found one at a sporting goods store.

We have a Bushnell and an IR4 I paid $100 for.
I just bought the Bushnell Trophy Camera with Viewscreen, Model # 119455. I got it from Amazon for about $200.00. I had to buy batteries and a memory card but that's it. It is pretty simple to use. I am pleased with the night vision pics and you can't even see the flash. I only caught deer, flying bugs, quail, my own goose and ducks, and possibly a fox on camera so far. I have the setting too sensitive because it takes too many pictures. I plan to reduce the sensitivity and put it out again tonight. You can look at the pictures in the viewer or on your computer. Overall I am pleased with the purchase. I would like to get a glimpse of the bobcat that killed my goose. I know a guy who will camp out here at night and take care of the problem for me.
+1 more for the Bushnell. Mine takes great pics day and night. I use it scouting for deer and to pattern the the time they show up.

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