Game Cams: Neat, sure; but necessary? i wonder (update)

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by jmc, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. jmc

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    Jul 22, 2008
    South Central MA
    it would be nice to have one, but i am not a hunter for one thing, and i wonder if, as i said, they aren't a bit more of an unnecessary luxury item than something that one really needs.

    i mean, how many people have really had a large no. of tragedies averted by their game cam

    rather than just getting some neato pics.

    this is what holds me back right now from getting one.

    Neat for sure.............
    Useful, i believe............
    but really that important, or NECESSARY? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

    now contradict me!!! [​IMG]
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  2. bloom_ss

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    Jun 23, 2011
    Spokane Valley, WA
    Sorry, can't contradict you. LOL I happen to agree. I would LOVE to have one, but I can't justify spending the money on one. [​IMG]
  3. gryeyes

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    I don't think the camera itself averts tragedies, but discovering WHAT you got sniffing around helps determine the best method of preventing a tragedy. Discovering your own dog sneaking into the coop to snack on eggs, for example. Or seeing blue jays fly through the pop door to steal eggs or kill chicks, well, that would require a tactic different from a nightly raccoon raid.

    Finding a human thief, too. Now, those nifty photos would be some good proof for the police when you go to file charges.

    Just some ideas.
  4. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    Hard to contradict, but there is some merit to "Forewarned = forearmed".
  5. dfr1973

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    Nov 20, 2011
    rural central FL
    SSSHHHH! Someone hide this thread ... I have my hubby convinced we'll need a game cam when we get the coop(s) set up! Not that it took much persuading ...
  6. fancyfowl4ever

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Cranbrook, BC, Canada
    We caught our neighbours on camera cutting our fence to ride across our property on multiple occasions!!!

    Kept seeing horse tracks of shoed horses(ours are barefooted), set up the cam, fixed the wire fence and bingo, not even 24 hrs later the dear neighbours are on camera clipping the wire from the fence and going thru on their horses..... the whole family too... nice thing to teach their kids(3 - ages 4-10) that trespassing is alright.

    In that instance the camera was very helpful.

    I have also caught hunters trespassing on our property.

    I actually got my camera by way of a trespassing hunter setting it and a bait-station up on our property. Of course I confiscated it and no one ever came to claim it.

    Now I like seeing the deer we got and the overall health of them.
  7. darbella

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    Nov 2, 2008
    New Hampshire
    For 99.00 the peace of mind of knowing that you can potentially stop theft, killings and tresspassing???? It is a no brainer.
  8. Capvin

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    Apr 13, 2011
    Lake Placid, FL
    I have my game camera situated on a tree next to a natural pathway that most of the animals in our area come by. I do not have it for any sort of protection and only have it to satisfy my curiosity about what kinds of animals are passing by my house at any given time. We have got pics of bears, lots of bobcats, raccoons, possum, fox, deer and some others. For us it is fun to look at and see what has passed by in the night. The path goes right by my coop and run which is fairly predator proof and completeloy surrounded by an electric fence. The game cam is fun and certainly not a necessity in any sense of the word, but it makes me realize that I would not have had many chickens left if my set up was not predator proof.
  9. K8tieCat

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    Jan 15, 2007
    Northern California
    I bought a camera just so I could find out who was laying and who wasn't, and who was eating eggs. Priceless!
  10. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Useful if people trespass to steal livestock or any other property.Perhaps someone causing criminal damage.
    Get their pics on the news to ID them.

    Fun for seeing what lurks around the coop/yard.
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