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    what breed of gamefowl are these got them frim a friend



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    Quote:That was my impression.
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    Quote:American gamefowl is a breed, but in the game circle sometimes people refer to strains as breeds.. Gamefowl tend to be slightly more complicating than other breeds, while people who raise production breeds will say "This is so and so line that I've bred". It breaks down even further, for example. American gamefowl - Sweaters created by Herman "Sweater" Mcginnis. To some Sweaters would be called a breed, and the strain would be for example "Dink fair's sweaters". But they're all really just a strain, rather than actual breed I guess you could say.

    As for the strain, it is hard to say without knowing who from and all. So many strains look similar, but are different. And even then they could be a cross of two strains. It is best to locate a good breeder who keeps well records, ask them about the birds and go from there.

    If I made a guess regarding the strains I have seen, I would say the first one is either black roundhead or McRae black.. The middle one is Wingate brown red, and the third same answer as the first.. But like I say, those are just what they look like, they could be something completely different.
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