Game fowl with nasal infection+ bacteria in his beak

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    May 22, 2011
    I need help in diagnosing the infection my bird has. He has some yellow discharge coming from both nostrils. At first it's liquidy then it hardens up and blocks his nostrils. I have been cleaning his nostrils whenever the discharge hardens. He also has some discharge coming out of his mouth, its thick. Yesterday it was a yellowish color similar to the discharge coming out of his nostrils. Today it seems to be a clear color, but its still as thick as the yellow stuff. He also has some black and yellow bacteria on the inside of his beak. On the bottom inside, this stuff is lining both sides of his beak. On the top inside it lines only 1 side. His appetite has been alrite. He hasnt lost wieght but yesterday he didnt accept his regular feed so i fed him some carrots and lettuce throughout the day. Seemed to have helped with his inactivity. He seems to just stay in one place, standing until he needs a drink of water. His poop is a consistant green color thats solid, except for today he had a all brown and white piece that was a little watery but still soild. I have been treating with tylan 50 for 3days now, once a day at .5 cc. He has had the black/ yellow lining for about 7 days today. Please help me identify what infection(s) he has and also which medication is the best to use.
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    sorry i have no idea what it is, but give him some electrolyte solution in his water for added strength since he is not eating much it will help to give him some strenght to recover.
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    You don't want to throw random drugs around but Tylan is a good antibiotic for respiratory infections and he clearly has one. They carry it at feed stores. Comes in either an injection or water soluble. I'd act on this fast.

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