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Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by benson226, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Mar 14, 2011
    Greetings, I have found this site to be very informative in everything chicken related, so I decided to join. I am trying to Identify the breed of this deceased bird. Last year I bought 6 peacocks from a gentleman, and he gave me these birds as a freebie-2 hens and a cock. He called them Game hens. Apparently he used them for setting, which was my intention. He also stated the male was very aggressive, and not to let him around other males. So, I gave the male his own 8X8 pen, and the hens got one to share. They did great for about a month, then they all three died within a few days. Plenty of food, water, shade, etc. None of my other birds died, so I was pretty confused, but relieved at the same time.
    So, the reason I am here is, I was hoping to find out what type they were, as I am interested in having some sort of chicken that will set well, as most of my birds are egg layers and poor setters. I am also interested to find out if anyone else uses this breed for setting. The reason I took the birds in the first place, the reason they appealed to me, was because the gentlemen said they were more or less the same bids today that they were 200 years ago, and their instinct to brood, their more wild, original behavior was not breed out of them.
    I hope someone can help me out.

    Ok, i have been trying to post an image, but I am getting this:
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    Can someone help me out on posting pics? A PM perhaps?
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    New members are not able to post pictures right away after we had a huge spam attack at the beginning of the year, sorry. You'll be able to after you participate for a bit. [​IMG]
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    Mar 14, 2011
    Fair enough! I was worried I was doing something wrong! I am stuck in Afghanistan anyway, so I'm in no hurry to get my info. This site does a great job of keeping me entertained though! I could stay on ehre for days!
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    Be safe over there!
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    you can email your pic to another member and they can post for you. just so you know.
  6. Most any game breed will be exceptional broodies. Afghan games are great. Good luck and hurry home...........Pop
  7. benson226

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    Mar 14, 2011
    Ok, I got the pictures up! Anyone have any ideas?
    Lollipop, thatnks for the input on games- I am curious to find out which type I have, so I know what type of hatching eggs to put in the 1502 I plan on ordering next month-unless I can find a good cedar bator- but that appears to be a heated subject, and one for another forum.But, if anyone has one for sale in the ohio vicinity with an auto turner, I would love to know....

  8. Minniechickmama

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    Sep 4, 2009
    appears to have some wheaten coloring. did you get any pictures of the head? That usually helps a lot too.

    There are a lot of good broody breeds, many of the big poofy butts like Orpingtons (like that beautiful boy Speckledhen has in her avatar, Suede, I believe Cyn?) Cochins, Wyandottes. If you go to the top of this page you will see "Breeds" as a heading. Go to "Chicken Breed Index" and that page and it will show you some breeds and tell if they are broody or not. There are some pictures of each breed, but not all the varieties (colors) are shown. You can also see a lot of them on Go to "Game ...." and they have loads of pictures and you could probably find out exactly what you had.

    It sounds like you did get some kind of Game (American Game, Old English Game, Modern Game) though if they guy you got them from said keep the males isolated from each other. You have to or they fight to the death, very popular with that bad sport thing we are not supposed to discuss.
    Some birds are dubbed for showing/exhibition, but they do naturally have combs of different types depending on their breeding.

    Be safe and come home soon.
  9. gmendoza

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    Mar 23, 2010
    Rock Hill,SC
    Looks sort of like a american grey,but cannot see face to say for sure.

    We have two american games and they both brood at the drop of a dime.One is on 18 yeggs as we speak!We made her a new momma hole,set her in,and after swaking for an hour,se set on the eggs.Both games were my broodies last year.

    we had an american grey,but she went partilaly blind last year and died this year.

    we also have these bonified broodies:

    1 buff orp
    1 light brahma
    1 oegb
    1 partridge rock
    2 silkies
    2 muscovy ducks

    We usualy get birds that are dual purpose and broodyness.That way we can natually have mother hens,then the incubator way.
  10. benson226

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    Mar 14, 2011
    Minniechickmama-No, those were the only pics I had, and they were on a camera phone. I wasn't thinking about properly ID'ing the birds at the time. I can see the wheaten now that i checked out the website you linked. Even if I find a better pic, which i don't think i have, I am learning more and more that these birds are often cross bred and its almost impossible to figure what the could be. Being from southern ohio I am well aware of the cock fighting. I know of several places the have the typical blue barrels by the hundreds, but i honestly cant say I have ever heard of a ring getting busted here, people are too busy planting crops way back in the woods to think about it.
    gmendoza- Are your Greys standard or Bantam?

    I know the birds below were standard breed, which is what i want to replace them with. I do not like feathered legs, but that still doesn't narrow the choices down much. They will be free range in the barn, not fenced in with the layers.
    Are these birds better coming from a hatchery, or from a breeder? Also, does it matter if they are pure or mixed with other game hens? Anyone from southern ohio/muskingum county out there with some they want to sell?

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