Gamecock Pictures of Select Breeding of 31 years. Copperhead Blues and a Kelso.

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    Poultry shows have always been a part of my

    life. My grandmother first introduced me to the chicken world when I was just a

    young boy. The little fellows I saw running around on my grandparent’s yard

    were Golden Sebright Bantams.

    The male bantams would sometimes engage in a

    little combat. They would draw an imaginary line in the yard, collect a few

    hens, and dare each other to cross the line. When another rooster moved into

    their territory, the fight began. They would fly head at each other pecking,

    hitting with the spurs on their feet and dodging. I always found their sparring

    sessions to be funny and often wondered why they did that.

    When a pair of roosters got out of hand, my

    grandmother would catch the winner and put him in a pen to be later served as

    the main dish in a pot of chicken and dumplings. While my grandmother was not

    looking, I would slip that rooster out and pitch him in the other rooster’s

    territory to watch them hit a few licks at each other.

    Roosters are born with spurs that grow on the

    sides of their legs, close to their feet. This is a natural weapon that can

    cause damage when they are fighting. The spurs grow longer as the rooster ages.

    A stag is a rooster less than 2 years old, while a rooster over 2 years old is

    referred to as a cock.

    Roosters are the gamest of all animals

    because some have no quit to them and will actually fight to the death in order

    to keep his family intact. Since roosters are born with the same instinct, they

    will fight each other.

    I began to see more and more gamecocks as I

    grew up. Basil Cobb always had a few tied out back of his store in Arab.

    Instead of a car, my grandfather drove a Super A Farmall tractor to town and

    would often visit Basil’s store to purchase seed and other farm supplies. I

    rode in the Ben Hur trailer my grandfather pulled behind his tractor when he

    went to town. What a treat for me to see the gamecocks standing proud and

    displaying their beautiful colors in all their elegant splendor. I thought

    these are what I want, and I have got to get some.

    At the age of 14 we moved to a farm south of

    Arab that joined my grandparent’s property. I was only able to purchase my

    first pair of gamecocks after cutting grass all summer. From that point

    forward, I was only without gamecocks for 3 years after making a job relater

    move to Texas. Upon my return to Arab, I visited a friend who raised game fowl

    and he gave me a rooster and some hens.

    I love breeding the game fowl and raising the

    strong, streamlined beautiful creatures. The game fowl I have are different

    from my grandmother’s Golden Seabright due to the fact that they are built for

    fighting by nature. Extreme care and separate pens are required to own them.

    You can’t have one getting out of a pen and fighting each other through their


    As stags, they will get along until they

    reach the age of around 9 months, or until a new rooster appears … or until it

    rains. Wet feathers will cause the roosters to take on a new appearance and

    even it’s own brothers will begin fighting it.

    I have always owned game fowl and shown them

    in many Alabama Game Breeder Association (ALGBA) poultry shows. The ALGBA’s

    purpose is to protect and preserve the game fowl, which was almost America’s

    national bird. The gamecock missed by one vote.

    By joining the ALGBA I began showing my game

    fowl in categories like best mated pairs or a single entry of the best

    gamecock. Showing game fowl is very popular and bantam shows are similarly

    judged. Rules apply and only the best of care and feed is required to ever win

    a show.

    My son, Shane, was raised around game fowl

    most of his life and loves them as much as I do, They keep youngsters busy and

    attending shows is a big thing for them. Shane won many entries and was around

    some of the best game fowl people in the state. This makes him a 2nd

    generation gamecock man. In addition to having a lot of fun, you get to share

    your interest with a family of friends.

    Gentry, my 5-year-old grandson, got to attend

    his first show on May 24th at Poplar Hill Game Farm in Holly Pond,

    AL. A friend of from Georgia had been reading my stories and comments on

    Facebook and attended the show. He also brought Gentry a pair of Golden

    Seabright bantams. Gentry was so excited that he wanted to enter them in the

    show. I paid the entry fee and the Golden Seabrights were judged the best mated

    pair of bantams. Gentry received his first trophy and certificate of

    participation. Not only did he receive his first game fowl at about the age I

    got started, but he also loves feeding and caring for them.

    I guess I now have a 3rd

    generation Show Fowl man, and it all started with a Sebright family of chickens

    at my grandparent’s farm. Of all the trophies my family has ever received, I

    think the one Gentry won was the tops on my list.

    I want to thank Donnie Buchanan, President of

    the ALGBA, for allowing youth to learn the proper way to show fowl. The ALGBA

    does much more than anyone knows. This past year they sponsored Toys for Tots

    and provided toys to children of families who would not have had a Christmas.

    If you see one of their show advertised, make sure to stop in and visit the most

    beautiful fowl in the world. The gamecock is the only fowl the HSUS (Humane

    Society of the United States) wants to purposely put on the extinct list due to

    their nature of wanting to fight each other. So help the ALGBA protect and

    preserve these beautiful fowl. We say “Keep em Crowing!”
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    [​IMG] Glad you joined us!

    Interesting information on gamecocks! I admit that watching cocks fight can be very entertaining, though I have never raised game birds.
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    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]We're glad to have you.

    You have a very interesting story and information!
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    Hello there and welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    So glad you could join our community!
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    I just wanted to show the positive sides to Game Fowl. They are a little different but still a stream line strong fowl created like all other breeds. I just love the looks of them and the way they carry themselves.
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    I acquired 6 law greys this summer,do you think there's interest in eggs next spring. I also raise OE std game and pumpkins. Looking for Kelso
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    This is something I might be interested in a little later. I am currently writing a book. Once I complete this task the breeding program's will be more defined to the language and terms needed to help this topic.
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    Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

    Wow! Great intro!
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    Please guys don't kill the thread - talking about game cock fights is a complete NO on backyard chickens.
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