Games or not games new years eve videos.


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Dec 10, 2011
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well in these videos these guys are about 3 months old. half of them are pumpkin hulseys games from gabbard farm hatching eggs. half were supposed to be pumpkin hulsey games but one looks like a gold duckwing cockrel. one is a blue cockrel. i got those from ebay hatching eggs. you guys think the ones that are not hulseys are games or just some kinda leghorn game mix? Should I keep the non hulseys and breed them with eachother? I would like to just breed hulseys with hulseys. then this goldwing and the blue cockrel but which pullets? it would mean they dont get to roam around the yard as a giant flock also. Would be kinda sad to seperate them up in pens for breeding. I have been enjoying their antics and junk. Someone bored enough to watch these videos and knows games maybe has an answer.
they all look like games or at least game mixes...i didnt watch the videos all the way through but you could separate them into pens and breed them and see what the chicks look like from there.

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