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    Apr 24, 2012
    Round Rock, Texas
    I'm a less experienced chicken owner, but I have already learned the quirky and varied personalities of my chickens, and enjoyed the eggs.

    Sometimes, I like to present my chooks with entertaining situations to see how they handle them, or fail :) After noting that on a hot day, they especially love the seeds out of a cold cantaloupe or watermelon, I would lay the cantaloupe out cut in half, the innards face down. The first time, they were frustrated, but they quickly learned to flip it over. 1-0 to me!

    My next gag would be to put their beloved scratch in a see-through plastic cup, with a lid. They don't fall for that at all anymore. I could put the world's tastiest morsel in a cup and they know it has a forcefield. 2-0 to me!

    Today, I discovered an accidental game - the joy of giving the chooks sticky rice. That glutinous mass of sticky sweet carbs. I know they like plain cooked rice, so seeing them jump on the sticky rice was no surprise. Seeing it stuck all over their faces, and getting everything else stuck to it - dirt, feathers, grass... Kaswell tried to wipe it off, failed, then looked at me with that accusing glare - YOU"RE RESPONSIBLE! - then deliberately walked over to me and wiped it off on my leg. 2-1, curses!

    What gags and games do you play with your chickens to entertain yourself them?
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    Sep 6, 2011
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    I love digging up worms for my girls. One of them inparticular (Satsu) comes running whenever she sees me grab the pitch fork. She stands on top of the dirt as I flip it over so she can gobble up the worms. If she misses one all I have to do is call her name, point and bam down the hatch for the worm. I love watching them jump for treats too. I hold up something tasty about a foot above them and they bounce up to get it. Funniest thing to watch with my heavier girls, they can't jump as high so they kinda take a big step and wait for me to bring the food to them :)
  3. chicken8fan

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    Apr 6, 2016
    I play tricks on my golden comet, fleck, and if there would be a score it would always be fleck in the lead.
    she likes to sneak up on me, and I turn around and she is standing on my feet-literally!

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