GANDER attacking Goslings - GOOSE-WANNA-BE??

Discussion in 'Geese' started by ellenmartin, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Strange situation - 2 ganders 1 goose 4 goslings - 3 weeks after hatch today. I believe 1 of the ganders was the goose's mate but the other gander she took to as well.

    Gander 1 has been with her since they hatched raising the goslings. Gander 2 was her mate I believe and he was separated because he was sent to be with another goose on the nest to help and monitor. Gander 2 is kinda rough - he pulls back of head on the goose when mating, pulls or stands on goose while she is on nest to get her off to eat/drink and then sits there and rolls the eggs then comes out and walks around and bathes and preens like HE is the one on the nest.... strange!!

    Anyway Gander 2 wants those babies so bad! He paces the fence line and sulls all day making sad noises cause he can't get in with them. Gander 1 protects tehm and chases him away from the fence. They already got into it 2 times through the fence and it wasn't pretty!

    Gander 2 got in yesterday before I could stop him. He was running around with the goslings like "here, look..." and "come over here...." --- he then got one in the baby pool and was bobbing his head like ganders do when they are on pond and mating and looking like he was about to get rough with it. I got him out of there and out of the pen immediately - it didn't feel right - he doesn't seem right!!!!!!

    One of the goslings got out one day and I ran over and it was standing near him... the entire back of it's head and neck were wet.... like someone slobbered on it!

    I think he tried to bite / slobber / whatever one of the babies!!

    What is wrong with this gander?!?!? He is about to have his own group to raise when goose 2 hatches next weekend. Is he going to eat his babies?!?!

    Anyone ever have this problem?
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    Quote:Just like a mother cat a goose grabs a gosling that isn't paying attention by the neck (and the neck is the strongest safest place to grab. usually it isn't a problem, but you will have to judge for your self if the gander is to rough with the young ones. Ganders are usually active parents and have been known to sit the nest while Mrs. goose needs some away time to feed drink poop and even grab a bath. When hatching is extended the gander often takes over the hatched goslings to let moma continue to hatch in peace. he usually leads the parade when the family moves away from the nest either to water or feed. You are the person on site and you will have to judge if the gander is strange or just too rough. There is no smoking gun in your description , I have seen good ganders do the same but I can't tell from here if it is safe or not.

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