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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Sasa, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I lost my Gander to a coyote and the hens were so sad that I got them a new one. I was told that they would be happier with a Gander. I made sure to get a docile breed, he's a well-bred Buff (see photo) who has just turned 1yr. old. I have 4 hens, 3 Embden and a Gray/Pilgrim cross and he was fine with all of them until recently when he got his hormones and began mating. He has rejected one of the Embdens, she's the middle in size and is in the middle age-wise too. He has kicked her out of the flock and is very aggressive with her if she comes near them. Does anyone know why he would do that?, she's (Angelica) sweet, loving healthy, gentle and now my poor girl has been forced to take up with the Runner ducks. I think I need to re-home this Gander, he's causing so much upset. Angelica misses her flock and they miss her.[​IMG]
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    This sometimes happens during spring. How long has this behavior been going on?
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    You are absolutely certain that the rejected bird is female?

    My gander has a favorite. There seems to be a strong pair mate bond there (which geese are supposed to do), but he doesn't try to drive away the other goose.
  4. I doubt I have anything helpful to add though, besides agreeing that mine do similar things. One of my Toulouse pair died this spring -- the other geese either ignore her, or shove her out of the way . . . she's about a year older then they are. Then, I relocated my two pairs of Buff Geese that get along, and the two ganders and one female are as happy as pie -- the last female is sort of ignored, and forgotten. Makes me sad to watch, especially when my crazy drake decides to chase her . . .

    Can't wait till May/June when the breeding season is over and they can all get along together again . . . Sometimes it seems like the geese that are really preoccupied with egg laying get ignored, and the ones not currently laying are the favored ones but then it is hard to tell.

    So sorry -- my only advice would be to put the ignored one and a friend into a separate area until breeding season is over and they all calm down a bit. Then they'll have a whole year to get to know each other before next spring. Wish I had something more helpful . . .

    I have also heard that ganders have more issues during their first mating season -- that they calm down a bit after the first season and don't have as many issues . . . haven't had a 2 year old gander yet, so I wouldn't know from first hand experience. Your gander looks like a handsome fellow though!

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