Gape work? I can see food in mouth/throat

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  1. Hi all, long time reader, first time poster.

    I have an approx 1 year old that is either a Australorp or langshan (I cant remember and I’m not sure if it’s relevent). In the past week or two she has lost lots of weight, is drinking lots of water and has been opening her mouth wide. We haven’t really seen her eating but I’ve been out in the day so may have just missed it. I can’t hear a rattle or wheezing.

    I bought some wormer and moved her to the isolation coop. When I moved her I looked in her mouth and I can see lots of undigested food still in her mouth.

    Any ideas? Is this normal? Is it gape worm? I haven’t had this before but my flock has been mostly healthy.

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    It's most likely impacted crop. It's like a clogged garbage disposal. Nothing can go down, and she feels full so she doesn't feel like eating. It's typical for her to want to drink water to try to wash the mess down clogging her crop. She is slowly starving.

    You will need to clear the clog first. Use oil, mineral, olive, or coconut oil. I like coconut since it's real easy to stuff a couple teaspoons full into her beak. Massage very lightly her crop. Don't press hard or go any higher than mid-crop so she won't vomit and end up sucking it into her lungs.

    Wait half an hour and massage the crop again. If it doesn't feel like things are emptying, give two more spoons of oil. Wait an hour. If things still won't go down, give her a stool softener such as Dulcolax.

    If her crop is still full come morning after you've done all of the above, it's probably infected with Candida yeast. Here's my article on treating crop disorders with all the instructions.
  3. That is amazingly useful, thank you. I’ve had another look at it and I think the impaction is actually in her mouth/throat.

    There is a large lump of half chewed food stuck to her tongue. I can feel it like a large lump on the outside of her throat, right below her beak essentially. I gave her some coconut oil as you suggested and can see that is softening it. I’ll keep at it.

    Do you still think it’s crop impaction or does this sound different.

    Thank you again.
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    If you can take photos of what you see inside the beak that would be good.

    Does her breath have a bad smell?

    Is it food or could it be canker?

    Here's some photos of what Canker looks like

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    Do you feed bread?
  6. I’ve has a good look and I cant tell. It’s on her tongue and down her throat. It smells, a bit came off when I was checking and it looks like food. I’ve added a photo of the bit that came off too. Sorry, the photos aren’t the best!

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  7. Sometimes there is bread leftover from sandwiches in the scraps they get. They also get normal layer crumble.

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    It sounds like sour crop. Especially since you said it smells. The pictures looks like old food.
    The food sits in the crop and rots or sours. It can’t go down and chickens do not have the ability to vomit by themselves.
    Massage her crop gently.
    She needs some type of lubricant/oil to help things get moving in her digestive track.
    I like using coconut oil. You can put it on the fridge and it gets a bit solid so it’s easier to get into her beak. But really any oil will do. Olive, vegetable.
    You’ll need to massage her crop regularly through out the day until you notice a difference.
    You said she’s drinking that’s great! You could mix ACV into her water*Apple Cider Vinegar*
    You could offer her yogurt. Greek style is a good choice.
    I would crate her and
    Keep her by herself for at least 24 hours. It will keep her out of the feed and you’ll be able to treat her (massage and oil) easier. Also monitor her water intake too.
    ETA: one ounce of vinegar to one gallon of water.
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    If there’s no marked improvement after consistent treatment. You might want to get some NON stimulant laxative gel-caps. You can pop them and squeeze the liquid into her throat.
  10. Thank you so much. I’ve had a good feel - I’m no expert - and I can’t feel her crop at all. It feels empty.

    I’ll keep going with the coconut oil. Good tip to put it in the fridge and I’ll add the ACV to the water. I already have some of that. Thanks again.
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