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    I suspect i have a rooster with gape worm. He sways his head back and forth at times and has a big squishy crop that we have drained and got stinky dark liquid out of, rinsed him a few more times, gave him yogurt diatomaceous earth and pumpkin seeds ground up. Few days later better, still squishy big crop, not huge, drained him, rinsed him and out came stuff that should be there, and no stinky smell. But both times i saw the same little 1/4 long worms. i believe he could have gape worm. what is the best thing to use to rid him of this. The horse paste dewormer strongid or wazine? or other suggestions. thank you

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    What color were the worms and were they "Y" shaped?
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    Gapeworm (Syngamus trachea) lives in the trachea of birds and causes gapes in domestic fowl.
    Some hosts are earthworms, snails, slugs, and arthropods.
    Some symptoms are Birds continually yawning, or gasping for air and constant shaking of the head.
    Treatment -- Ivomec Injectable (ivermectin)

    You will need a syringe to get ivomec out of the bottle, and you can use it to apply the dosage listed below by holding the birds mouth open, and dripping it into the back of its throat. Another method is to apply the correct dosage to a piece of bread, then feed it to the bird you are treating.
    * 5 to 7 drops orally for adult size birds.
    * 3 to 5 drops orally for bantam size birds.

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    my old rooster had the same problem so i gave him 5 % safe guard pellets in his food. he would eat around the pellets and only ate the mash. then i gave him a few drops on the neck of ivomectin and no more gapping [​IMG]

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