Gapeworm in Rooster/have ?'s

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    First off, this forum has been absolutely amazing at answering all my questions. Us newbies seem to have the same question at the same time and one of us posts before the other to save us time. [​IMG] I have been able to get alot of information about gapeworm but still have a few questions.

    I have a 8 month RIR rooster who has exhibited gapeworm for awhile now but usually only at night on the roost. Stretches out his head with a big yawn than shakes his head. Does this several times than settles down for the night. I haven't looked down his throat. He isn't one that likes to be messed with so only fuss over him when needed. There is a video on utube about this - aah modern technology.

    My seven 8 month hens (production-like from TSC) have not exhibited any symptoms. Not sure why - he ate the bad goodies and gave the good ones away to them???

    Questions: Going to give him Safeguard or like medicine on a piece of bread (pencil tip/bb size). Do I need to isolate him after this? I have read that you can't eat the eggs/meat for 14 days for the hens but what about a rooster - does it carry over in the semen? Will he be coughing up dead worms? How does the body dispose of them since they are in the trachea and not digestive system? He has also been going thru a slow molting, see his pen feathers but it seems like forever. I don't think it is connected?

    I really only want to treat him vs all of them, but what do the experts think, should treat all of them? They have never been wormed or treated for anything.

    Thank you all.
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    Welcome! [​IMG]

    I've also had lots of questions answered by reading others posts. [​IMG]

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