Gapeworm or stomach lining??

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    DSCN0660.JPG DSCN0661.JPG Can anyone tell me what this red-mucus I am finding in my hen's pooh is??? I am a Newbie and am very concerned it is gapeworm. If it is gapeworm, what can I administer to my hens to get rid of it?? Thanks to anyone and everyone for your expertise!
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    That looks like a poop, but there looks like there is a round worm around it. It is the skinny stringy white thing. How old is your chicken? There could be some intestinal shed, or there could be a little blood in the poop which sometimes can be a sign of coccidiosis, especially if there is more. How is she acting?

    Gape worms are found in the throat, are Y-shaped and red. You cannot see them without cutting open the trachea after death, and the chickens with gapes have severe repiratory disease.
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