Gaping vent in six month old pullet

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  1. swimmy44

    swimmy44 Hatching

    Apr 2, 2011
    Just tried to post this but did nto see it - my Jersey Giant has an enlarged, gaping vent, dripping poop, does not seem sick, but her vent is open the size of a golf ball. There is an abcess on one side, not sure if this is from pecking or just a sore spot. I plan to clean her up and apply bag balm tomorrow - does this sound like a prolapse? Nothing belong inside is hanging out, just her vent is greatly enlarged and she is dirty and somewhat subdued. I think she has been laying eggs at least both of this breed hens laid over the weekend. Please advise if I need to do something different than clean her up and apply bag balm or some other anticeptic. If you can email directly that would be great - [email protected]

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