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  1. geoalwil

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    Jun 5, 2011
    I am just starting the process of designing our chicken coop and I have noticed many of the coop I see have some type of planting area or garden on the outside around the coop.
    Is this pretty standard and what are the best plants to put there (deer restaint)?

    Thanks for you help.

  2. bzbrown

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    I have a few sunflower seedlings in the run. The chicks have pecked the heck out of the ones they can reach through the poultry wire I placed over them. I have a garden attached to the run, the chicks pecked at the pumpkin leaves that reached the poultry wire separating the two areas. I posted a similiar question about this very topic the other day because I'd seen so many pictures of pictures mingling in gardens looking at coop layouts. The response was pretty much, they'll eat everything lol.

    I will continue to keep my chicks and garden separate. And maybe another layer or fencing between them to save the growing veggies that don't know better than to make their way in to the chicken run lol. Not much I can do for the sunflowers in their run, except build a wire barrier around it.

    We're closing in the coop and run entirely this weekend, and I am putting planting boxes around the new outside, but keeping it all way from the fencing so it doesn't get pecked at.

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