Gardeners- composted poop?


11 Years
May 28, 2008
Upstate NY
Hi! I have some composted chicken poop - no wood chips. I don't have a huge amount -most of mine is mixed with chips. What have you found in your garden that responds really well to chicken fertilizer? Should I use it only on veggies or do some other plants benefit? If you would let me know your experiences, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, chicken lovers and gardeners!
If there was no wood chips in it, just pure poo (like from off a droppings board) then it probably has not composted well and needs mixing with something carbon-containing (like, wood chips <g> or lots of other possibilities) before being maximally useful.

Squash, cukes and melons are the high-nitrogen-loving-est plants I can offhand think of. Whether to reserve it for your veg garden or use it on other garden plants depends on whether you have other garden plants that really need fertilizing at the moment. Probably not though, or at least fertilizing them is not likely to give you as much 'bang for your buck' as the veg garden. Make sure you're aware of the veggies that do NOT like excess nitrogen in the soil so you don't inadvertantly give it to them (carrots will get hairy, tomatoes will put too much energy into leaves and not enough into flowers/tomatoes, etc)

Good luck, have fun,


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