Gardeners- who is familiar with Floralight plant stands? ( for seedlin

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by kristip, Oct 13, 2011.

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    Is anyone here familiar with the Floralight plant stands for seedlings? Some one in Madison has one on Craigslist for an ok price.... trying to decide if I buy it and tell DH it is my Xmas present. Reviews look pretty good on them. Supposed to be one of the better brands, but some people have issues with the ballasts. Thought I would check. This is my Xmas present ideas for everyone- seed starting/planting supplies. Need to get better organized with that.

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    It is easy enough to make your own plant stands fairly cheap. I got a couple black wire adjustable shelves, I think target and kmart have them. Not sure if wm does or not. You can get cheap shop lights and plant grow bulbs at walmart. Get some chains and S-hooks and wire the lights up to the shelves. Then you can add a strip plug in bar that has an on-off switch to plug them all into. You can use zip ties to 'tie' up your cords so its not a mess. Then if you want it to be really spiffy you can always add in a light timer (you can get these at home depot or lowes etc. I also got some of that clear plastic sheeting that you use for florescent lighting from home depot and dh cut it to fit on top of the wire shelves so the pots don't tip and keeps the fallen leaves etc off the floor.

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