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Gardening anyone?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Kanga77510, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Kanga77510

    Kanga77510 Songster

    Oct 10, 2009
    Santa Fe, TX
    I have a small raised bed garden that DH built me. I can't wait to get some fall veggies in it. We live in south Texas, so I'm looking forward to a longer growing season. My problem is that my chickens love my garden too! Little fluffy butts get into it and eat all my seedlings. So one of my food sources is destroying another one of my food sources, LOL.

    I'd love to see pictures of how you chicken proofed your gardens.

  2. Dawn419

    Dawn419 Lost in the Woods

    Apr 16, 2007
    Evening Shade, AR
    We used the cattle panels from our old hoop run that we built when we lived in TN.

    The hoop run:


    Old run with new life as garden fence:


    It's worked well as far as the chickens not flying over the 4' high panels but there were a few places along the ground that I had to fill in with rocks to keep them from going underneath the fence.

    Edited to add:

    For the small raised beds next to the chicken and guinea runs I just attached one end of a section of 3' chicken wire to the runs, pounded in some short metal posts to form the shape of the wire to the bed and the "open" end of the wire is stapled to a wooden stake (held closed with wire loops attached to the runs). I use the stake end as my gate.

    Here's a version of this with a "solid" fence. It worked fine for picking peas but not so well when I wanted to actually work in the bed.


    Hope this is some help!
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2011
  3. MullersLaneFarm

    MullersLaneFarm Songster

    Nov 26, 2008
    NW IL Fiber Enabler
    I officially quit my garden yesterday after picking the rest of the tomatoes and tomatillas. We had a hard frost the night before. I'm perfectly fine with that. The hog came back from the processor and I'm busy canning up pork and don't have time to can any more vegetables. (Although I will have to deal with all those bags of tomatoes in the freezer some day!)

    We fence our chickens out of our vegetable and berry gardens using wire fencing with chicken wire at the very bottom.

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