Gas fireplaces for each room


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Jan 12, 2007
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I love the looks of English fireplaces in old Victorian homes in England. Those small ones that I saw on Lowes and Menards.

I have city gas and wonder if they would do the job well for installing in each room except the kitchen and bathroom where they will be NO room for them. Are they good? I know running pipes to each room would be a killer but sure beats the furnance downstairs being exposed to anything going on down in the basement like springtime floodings, etc. Our furnance is about over 25 years old but looks new and had its inspection and cleaning every two years. Now it is not very cost effecient, would individual heaters in each room be practical or would cost more? We have ceiling fans in each room. I am hoping they will continue to put out heat even the power outage with the gas still going. Or am I better off keeping the furnance downstairs but a new one? We do not have any room for a furnance on the main floor.

Pros and cons?


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Jan 27, 2009
We have a gas fireplace, and we can no longer afford to run it. The cost of gas is a lot more than electricity here. We installed a heat pump and furnace last year and I have no regrets over the wall units and gas fireplace.

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