Gas was down on the market today....

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    A friend of mine has actually been keeping track of how long the ripple effect of gas takes to get to us. I got a chance to look at his work after school today. It is such a load of crap! He showed me a spreadsheet he‘s been keeping for over a year now. He bases it on a mobil gas station here in our town that he lives across the road from. He takes daily readings, sometime multiple readings of the prices and compares them to the trend that was suppose to be taking place at that time. You’ve heard them say “gas for X/XX/08 delivery.” Well he wanted to see if it actually happened.

    He’s found, no biggie here, that major upswings in gas and oil prices may take a little as a day or two to effect us. While downward trends are seen as a plateau like effect where the price stays the same for a few days, then slowly drops off cent by cent. The biggest one day rise in price was $.48. While the largest one day drop was $.11.

    Oil and gas prices = crock of s***? I call that a big yes!

    I go to thinking the other day when I put 93 bucks worth of gas in my car. When are these folks going to have enough money? There has to be a point where you say to yourself "I have more money than I could possibly spend in 3 lifetimes." "I guess we're good." It seems like even they would have some kind of conscience?
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    Dont even get me started on the lies we're told about why gas prices rise. Sheesh. [​IMG]
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    While there are countless reasons for the price of gas, one of the biggest is our countries lack of refineries. Only about 60% of the oil brought into this country is refined into gas. The last refinery opened in the US was in the late 70's. Then there is the restrictions on drilling from oil on or near our own soil. Right off the coast of Florida, there is a ton of oil just sitting there waiting to be tapped. Did the US do anything? nope, just waited for China to sign 100year leases on the oil rights. So while we point fingers, other countries are coming to our coast to get our oil. I could go on and on, but I will put a stopper in the mouth right now. [​IMG]

    Thanks for posting your friends findings, Ive always concluded that, but never had any data to back up my opinions. Tell your friend to keep it up, and maybe even send it to the media or do something to try to get the word out there to the general population!

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    Sort of like property taxes.

    My H has a graph going where he inputs the price/gallon every time he fills up. He's been doing it since about 2000. Interesting to see how the general trend is toward steeper increases every year (with smaller valleys during the winter months).
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    I always love to hear all the BS they try and fool you with. "Oh, summer driving season is just around the corner." "Summer driving season ends. "Here comes winter heating season." Then when you combine it with a couple of tanker spills and refinery fires, you have the perfect formula to bilk people out of billions!!!

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