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    1CA62499-6C02-4576-836E-D503B45E700A.jpeg 14D8939D-2CD3-4CD4-A97B-529CC897E539.jpeg Hi everyone,
    This morning I’ve discovered a fairly deep cut on the side of one of my chickens neck/ head, on the other side of her head it’s just skin in the area but it’s quite a deep cut on this side.. she’s the bottom of the pecking order as she’s a bit wobbly on her feet and can’t quite get her balance all the time, but they’re all fairly settled now so not much pecking happens bar the top hen to her.. we’re not sure if it has happened by another hen pecking her or whether she’s tried to scratch herself and caught herself and she can’t scratch like a normal chicken so her nails are slightly longer?? she’s eating and drinking with no problems and acting normally but don’t want to just leave it and I’m not sure what to do??
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Hello Jonnesarah3211.:)
    Clean the wound and the bare patch with Chlorhexedine if you have some or can get some. Often it comes in spray and plain liquid. I would use liquid rather than spray because the wounds are close to ears and eyes.
    You need to leave the liquid in contact with the wound for 30 seconds or so. I usually give one application during cleaning with a lint free cloth and then another to disinfect the wound after.
    Get a tube of Betadine gel if you can and then apply this to the wound.
    I would clean, disinfect and apply Betadine twice a day for three or four days, or until the wound shows signs of scabbing over.
    You could also buy an antibiotic ointment and apply that instead of the Betadine if you can get it.
    After that it's a question of making sure she eats and drinks and the wound doesn't get picked at by the other hens. Perhaps a day or two indoors with you.
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    Good advice. I did not know betadine came in an ointment. Good to know for sure!
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    Apr 18, 2019
    Thank you so much for the help! She’s eaten lots today and still acting normally, I washed and disinfected it today and will do so for the next few days and hope for the best, thank you!

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