gasping for breath & yellow mucus discharge from eye


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
We have 100 barnyard chickens, and Ginnys. Various types , Rhode Island Reds, Yellow Buff Orpington, Aruacana, Ameruacana, Dominiker. All Range free during the day on a small farm in southeastern Oklahoma. Fed hen scratch, and chick starter. Most are incubated to hatch.
Recently 6 young Rhode Island Reds, and Yellow Buff Orpingtons ranging in age from ( 2 to 4 weeks ) have shown symptoms of gasping for breath, and yellow mucus discharge, that runs and mats up on the eyes . 2 have died seemingly drying up , dehydrated. As a preventive we have occasionlly mixed 1 teaspoon of terramycin / gallon of water. And have started giving vitamins yesterday, 31 May 2011. We are keeping the symptom birds quarantined, in a small cage. All assistance and information is greatly appreciated.
Ugh, I am sorry you are having to deal with this, it sounds icky.

Are these chicks you have hatched at your place - your own eggs or purchased? Or are these chicks bought and brought to the farm?

I have no experience with symptoms like this......but might put a call into the state vet and see if they will do a necropsy. This way you would know what you are treating (or culling) for.

Sorry such sadness brings you to BYC,

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