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    My new puppy, Solomon, has been experiencing quite smelly gaseous episodes. He eats a grain-free dogfood - "Taste of the Wild", and gets raw grass-fed organic beef bones. I would have thought the grain-free diet would be less inclined to cause gas. He did have a slight bout with parvo a week and 1/2 ago. His test showed a "light" positive. He stayed the day @ the vet's and got IV fluids and antibiotic injections, as well as anti-vomiting/diarrhea injections and meds. The next day he was on the mend, eating and acting more puppy-like. Now he acts like a normal puppy (he's 13 weeks old).
    Any ideas?
  2. First, how old is the pup and breed? I would get the pup off of grain free, and switch to that when its an adult. I've done lots of reading when I was choosing a food for our new pup, and grain free isnt that great for pups, cant remember exactly why.
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    I'm so glad he is ok. Try probio's. The antibiotics probably have his stomach bacteria out of whack. You can give him yogurt. I like the powdered probios better. I get mine at Tractor Supply.
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    Thanks - Will do. I had suspected the lingering effects of parvo + antibiotics may be to blame.
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    Has Solomon been eating Taste of the Wild and his beef bones for awhile? If either is new, then maybe his system is just getting used to it. My dog always gets smelly gas when I give him something new, or something he hasn't had in awhile.
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    Quote:I've been feeding him the same since I got him on the 4th of July. I have no idea what he was fed before that. I'd think he'd be used to it by now [​IMG]
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    Had the same problem with my older dog when I switched her to grain-free Earthborn Primitive. It took a few weeks before she wasn't turning everybody [​IMG] in the house. She moved so much better and felt so much better on the grain free.

    I need to switch my cats over to something because one of my new babies is doing the same [​IMG] thing.
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    Quote:Kittens have the stinkiest farts ever.

    I switched my cats over to Taste of the Wild right after I switched my dogs over, because the cat wouldn't stop complaining about not having the amazing dog food. [​IMG]
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    I agree with those who believe the puppy is just clearing his system from that parvo bout and I know if dogs react to antibiotics like I do .... well..... let's just say I can understand why you're complaining [​IMG]

    I remember years ago we caught a feral kitten which was bordering in having a full blown upper respiratory infection. When it started getting decent food into it's system it produced the sort of noxious fumes nightmares are made of! Very nasty. However, as it's health improved so did the air quality in the house, so I'm thinking there's a good chance the same thing will happen with your lucky pup.
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