Gay rooster? how unusual is this in the chicken world?

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    I have a young Buff Brahma Bantam rooster (10 month old) who is in loved my blue splash silkie rooster (5 or 6 month old). They sleep together, they eat together, they dust bath together, they are pretty much inseparable. I've seen the Brahama rooster trying to mount the silkie several times. Until now I never worried about because I always thought the silkie was a hen, but now my "hen" is trying to crow in the morning and I am 99.9* sure that “she” is actually a “he“.
    The brahma rooster has three brahma hens, but he seems to like the company of the silkie most. When I first introduce the group of Brahma to my flock the silkie was new and very scared. He immediately attached himself to the brahma group and seek the protection of the brahma rooster ( I use to have another rooster in the flock that was bulling the silkie). Since then the brahma rooster is spending more time with the silkie than with his own hens. Is it possible that he is just confused about the sex of the silkie?
    Do chickens know when there is a rooster or a hen? Is this sort of behavior normal? The silkie is extremely gently and sweet.

    This photos are from the first week I introduce the brahma and the silkie to my flock.


    Poor silkie, he use to hide his head underneath the brahma rooster.
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    Your Brahma rooster may change his mind about the silkie once he sees him mating his hens...
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    Quote:This [​IMG]
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    I have seen this happen in the lower ranking roos in my large flock. But it usually ends up in a fight amongst the 4 roos that are deprived. But when i rotated out the hens they get their share of the beauties. If the dominant and second in command doesn't catch them. He will notice that the silkie is not a roos soon and then there might be a problem. But he may let the silkie mate with his hens, you never know.
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    I don't know what to tell you except your birds are really beautiful.
  6. I had this happen once also with one of our Roos.
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    I have had cockerels who have seemed to prefer their own sex for a while, but they 'graduate' to the hens on attaining adult status. It is rare to have a truly gay rooster.This is unlike the sheep world where about 15% of rams are gay and they come with a 'money back if no lambs' guarantee!
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    Maybe if that Silkie got a haircut and stopped listending to Broadway show tunes, things would be different. [​IMG]
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    I have a batch of silkies and the two roos crow in the morning. There was a hen that we had that tried crowing for a week, imitating the roosters. But she is most definetly a hen.
    Your silkie 'rooster' really looks more like a hen. His/her comb isn't very big, and he/she has little wattle growth.

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