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  1. I grew up in a semi-rural setting near the beach, an hour & a half north of Sydney, and my mother always had chickens (soft feather & bantams), and they were a source of pride for her until she died in 1982.
    I first began raising my own chickens in 1987, when I moved to a rural location outside of Nimbin NSW, starting with some Rhode Island Red hens & a Brown Leghorn rooster, then increased the flock to include Australorpes, New Hampshires, Game hens & bantams; also Peafowl (5 hens & a cock) & Guinea fowl, + wild bush turkeys that were native to the locale: however when my marriage dissolved in 1992, my exhusband kept my fowls and eventually they were all gone due to his lack of interest.
    In 2012 my interest was renewed when my current husband & I were given a New Hampshire hen that had a few psychological problems, after a hen that roosted beside her became the victim of a python; we called her Crazy Daisy, & after a few months of living with the 30 or so wild bush turkeys & roosting in a Grevillea tree near our house, we got her a mixed breed cockerel, Morgan, for her to train & to protect her from the dingoes that often visited. As we also have enormous pythons & goannas that live around our 5 acres, we built them a secure roost in an old out house under a cedar tree on a hill, but once Morgan's hormones kicked in we got him 2 POL pullets; a Rhode Island Red + a Black Ausralorpe, so that Daisy would have some peace. We enlarged the roost after a couple of months & introduced 2 more RIRXWhite Leghorn. Eventually during winter 2013 we purpose built a steel framed, maximum security coop and introduced 3 more POL pullets ~ 1 x RRR, 1 BA + 1 BAXNH. In January 2014 we bought 4 more young pullets: 2 New Hampshire + 2 double lace Barnevelders (although I think that one may be crossed with silver barnevelder). So we now have a Rooster, 8 mature hens + 4 pullets, & I call my girls the Warrior Princesses after witnessing them kill some mice that ventured into the coop. I bought the last 4 pullets via an Australian website named Backyard Chicken, based at Crystal Creek, an hour or so drive away.
    I found this Back Yard Chickens website while searching for information about treatment for an abscess that Daisy developed under her beak about a week ago, and also looked for information about cutting Morgan's spurs, which he uses mostly against my husband, but were also damaging the feathers on the backs & wings of his favourite hens. Morgan is definitely an attack rooster, & never hesitates to put himself between his girls & perceived danger ~ our 3 dogs are terrified of him.
    My hobbies include playing the ukulele/akulele/mandolele/mandolin & singing, reading fantasy fiction, writing & performing poetry & stand up comedy, art, sewing, baking, gardening, stamp & coin collecting, & of course, raising chickens. I began my website in October 2011, which averages around 200 hits per day.
    I worked for 12 years in Brisbane as a registered Psychiatric Nurse and then went back to Uni & studied Land Management when I moved to Nimbin, where I eventually became the village's Water & Sewerage Operator for Lismore City Council up to 2006, until the physical nature of my job became too much following a car accident from which I never fully recovered.
    I married my New Zealand born husband in November 2006, and we built our house on our 5 acre designated area of an 11 site, 176 acre, rural community known as Dingo Ridge, 6km north of Nimbin. We are 2km from the public access road at an elevation of just over 300 metres above sea level, adjacent to the Nightcap National Park. Our 3 dogs are: Nipper, a 12 yo Jack Russell cross, Toffee, a 10 yo Staffy, & 2 yo LC (rescued by Police after being dumped in a box by the side of the road at about 5 weeks old, & taken to the RSPCA) who incidentally loves chickens.
    We average 7 eggs per day, and those that we don't use, we give away to friends. Most people return the egg cartons to be refilled + extra that they collect for us, & we attach our "Hippy Hens" stickers; our chooks received more Christmas cards last year than we did.
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    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC!
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    Welcome to BYC!
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    Hi and :welcome

    from SA.
    Great to have you here, interesting to hear some of your story!

    Enjoy the site :D
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    Just hearing about the pythons has given me psychological problems - I can fully relate to the surviving hen. If you want to know what your mates are up to head for "Australia, six states and one funny little island." Also Aussies tend to congregate at the Emu threads.
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    My Coop
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