Geese and creeping charlie/ground ivy?


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May 5, 2020
I have a fairly large run that currently houses my chickens (about 1,000 sq feet). There's grass in it, but a large portion is covered in creeping charlie (or ground ivy, if you prefer). The chickens have been doing great in it - they take some nibbles every now and then, but for the most part it provides a nice green ground-cover. It's also basically indestructible and impossible to get rid of (ESPECIALLY in my garden). I'm interesting in adding a guard goose to the flock, but was curious if anyone knows if they'll browse on it, or if they just stick to grass? Also, any idea if it's toxic for them?



Nov 10, 2019
Northern California
I looked it up My take is that it’s technically safe and technically unsafe? It’s a member of the mint family, the “mintiness” of mint is an oil that in high doses can be toxic, mint itself is safe, but certain relatives can be dangerous.
According to this Creeping Charlie is safe to eat. Birds being much smaller though are much more sensitive to toxins so what’s fine for a human may not be for them.

If you haven’t noticed any ill effects on your chickens I think it won’t pose a threat to the geese, if you don’t want geese eating something it’s a good idea not to touch it within their sight, touching a plant makes them think it’s safe to eat or chew on, in their minds that’s the only reason for touching a plant at all.
When I’m out gardening and I have to touch a plant I don’t want them eating and my geese are around I’ll shake my hands and head after touching it and make the “eww” face while saying “YUCK.” Geese do something similar when they’ve got something gross in their mouth and it tells the other geese “it’s gross, don’t bother trying it.”

Mint is a weird taste to a lot of animals, my geese don’t like it and don’t mess with it so more than likely after sampling the creeping Charlie I doubt they’ll be interested in it.

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