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  1. blueraven

    blueraven Chirping

    Dec 17, 2012

    I have for sale some of my young ducks and geese hatched this spring 2014 and are ready to go to new familys


    Swan geese Pair $80 hatched 2014 very friendly will eat out of my hand

    will be 2 yr in march, embdem goose and Tufted roman Male mated pair. she hatched 5 babies this spring all where tufted at the top. $50

    will be a year in end of january, female sebasapold currly breasted and she one grand campion at our county fair $80

    Male whelsh harliquin $10

    Pre orders of eggs in the spring time from a mixed flock of my hens blue runner, buff , khaki, mallard /cayugas, my males mallard/ black runner, whelsh harliquin, and big male peikin

    If you are interested please pm me or just message below i can ship anywhere in the US except alaska and Hawaii.

    shipping will be extra also with the cost of the box.
  2. nickb

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    Apr 23, 2010
    Hi, where are you located? Do you still have the Sebastopol goose for sale? Send me a pm.

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