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    The Egyptian geese species breeds widely in Africa except in deserts and dense forests. They are found mostly in the Nile Valley and south of the Sahara. Egyptian Geese were domesticated by the Ancient Egyptians and figured prominently in Egyptian art of that period. They and Sacred Ibises were considered sacred. Romans and Greeks also kept them as domestic poultry. It has also been introduced elsewhere: Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany, the British population dating back to the 18th century, though only formally added to the British list in 1971. In Britain, it is found mainly in East Anglia, in parkland with lakes.

    Males and females of this species are identical in plumage, but the males are on average slightly larger. There is a fair amount of variation in plumage colour, with some birds greyer and others showing more brown, and this is not sex- or age-related.

    The voices and vocalisations of the sexes differ, with the male having a hoarse, subdued duck-like quack which seldom sounds unless it is aroused. The female has a far noisier raucous quack that frequently sounds in aggression and almost incessantly at the slightest disturbance when tending her goslings.

    Egyptian geese usually pair for life. Both the male and female care for the offspring until they are old enough to fend for themselves.


    Pic by @jockeyeba

    Pic by @jockeyeba

    Pic by @Kadjain

    Pic by @maransfan16

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    Do you own Egyptian geese? Are you an Egyptian geese breeder? If so, please reply to this thread with the your thoughts and experiences, including:

    · What made you decide to get this breed?
    · Do you own them for fun? Breeding? Some other purpose?
    · What are your favorite characteristics about this breed?
    · Post some pics of your birds; male/female, chicks, eggs, etc!
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    I don't have them but I can occasionally see pairs them flying over the wheat fields near my home!

    Not my pic! A pic of an Israeli photographer : Avi ben har

    We have the wild type coloration!
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    They are gorgeous, I've never seen any around here.
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    Strombergs has them!
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    I've only seen one locally at the river.

    I think they're beautiful but have heard they are extremely aggressive especially during breeding season.
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    I've heard that too @Kevin565
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    I have an Egyptian goose! I rescued Wazee over one year ago.He/she is big, beautiful & very robust. Wazee quacked a few times & thought she was a girl but I am not so sure. I am trying to find a safe forever home for Wazee with other Egyptian geese--Wazee has a mirror for company but it is not enough. Please contact me if you have E. geese & we'll discuss. Much thx!
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    I live in New Jersey

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